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Prize Ceremony

The prizes available are:

1 x Grand Prize – £50,000

3 x Highly Commended Prizes – £2,500 each

1 x Student Prize – £2,500

All prizes will be paid gross and recipients will be liable to pay any and all applicable taxes.

If a winning entry is co-authored, the prize will be split equally amongst the co-authors.





The IEA will host the Richard Koch Breakthrough Prize Awards Dinner at Macmillan Hall in Senate House at the University of London. This room seems an appropriate place to discuss new ideas for alleviating poverty, as it is the same room where the Beveridge Report was presented 75 years ago.

This event is private and by invitation only. For more information, please contact breakthroughprize@iea.org.uk.

You can see the IEA’s press release announcing the top five entries here: https://iea.org.uk/media/iea-announces-breakthrough-prize-shortlist/

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