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Judging Panel

Richard Koch is a former management consultant, entrepreneur, and writer of several books on how to apply the Pareto principle (80/20 rule) in all walks of life. Richard has also used his concepts to make a fortune from several private equity investments made personally. Richard’s investments have included Filofax, Plymouth Gin, the Great Little Trading Company and Betfair. Previously he had been a consultant at Boston Consulting Group and later a partner at Bain and Company, before leaving to start management consulting firm L.E.K. Consulting with Jim Lawrence and Iain Evans.

Professor Syed Kamall is Academic and Research Director at the IEA and Professor of International Relations and Politics at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. From May 2005 to June 2019, he was a Conservative MEP for London. He formerly worked in IT and as a strategy, public affairs and diversity consultant. In London, he regularly met and worked with local community projects tackling poverty and social exclusion.  He is currently setting up a microfinance project to offer online loans to entrepreneurs from poorer communities. He is also in discussions to set up a local charities network to help inspire and incubate more local community charities.

Mark Littlewood is the Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs and the IEA’s Ralph Harris Fellow. Since his appointment in 2009, Mark has been instrumental in expanding the IEA’s reach, both inside and outside Britain. He was recently ranked number 45 on the right-wing power list.
Mark is recognised as a powerful spokesman for free markets and features as a regular guest on flagship political programs such as BBC Question Time, Newsnight and the Today Program. He writes a regular column for The Times and features in many other print and broadcast media such as The Telegraph, City AM and Any Questions.

Kate Andrews Kate is Associate Director at the IEA. Kate regularly features across the national media, including appearances on BBC’s Any Questions and BBC’s Question Time. She has written for the Daily Telegraph, The Times, Spectator Coffee House, and writes a weekly column on Fridays for City AM. She joined in February 2016 as the IEA’s News Editor, overseeing the IEA’s digital platforms. Kate previously worked as Head of Communications at the Adam Smith Institute, where she handled media and donor relations.

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