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Contact & Entry Submission

General Enquiries:

Alicia Barrett and Sam Collins, Prize Administrators, IEA
+44 (0)20 7799 8907


Media Enquiries:

Stephanie Lis, Director of Communications, IEA
+44 (0)20 7799 8909


Entry Submission:

As a reminder:

  • All essays will be submitted to the judging panel anonymously. There must be nothing in the body of the essay that could allow competitors to be identified by the judges.
  • Potential entrants should ask Alicia Barrett on breakthroughprize@iea.org.uk for an entry number, preferably at least seven days prior to the closing date.
  • Entrants should create two pdfs of the essay, one of which should have only the entry number as an identifier. The other document should include the entry number, name and contact details of the entrant. All essays must have this information on a cover page separate from the body or summary of the essay.



To submit your entry, please email your entry in the form of two PDFs as specified above to Alicia Barrett at breakthroughprize@iea.org.uk

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